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Open new doorways with a solid resume, a LinkedIn profile that shines, and a website that connects 1-2-1 with your target market.

We help you gain the competitive edge with:

☑️ the right message

☑️ to the right audience

☑️ on the right platform

☑️ at the right time!

Effective Personal Branding


Hiring managers put about seven seconds into reviewing a resume. They rely on Automatic Tracking Systems (ATS) to manage the process. If you want to stand out, your resume must be engaging, accurate, and rich in keywords.

Our team spends quality time interviewing you, reviewing your qualifications, and presenting you in the best possible light.

LinkedIn Profiles

A hiring professional can take one look at your LinkedIn profile and decide if you have what it takes to succeed.

We work with you to produce a powerful, eye-catching presence on LinkedIn.

No job seeker can afford to ignore this platform. It’s the premier tool for business outreach today.

About Beverly Foster

I help clients take the next step with professional branding materials, promotional materials, and digital content. These include:

🔹 Resumes and LinkedIn profiles in the fields of financing, IT, wind energy, product development, senior services, educational software sales, and more

🔹 Marketing materials that connect with one-to-one with readers (articles for publications, press releases, bios, and media kits)

🔹 Web content to shape company identity and move visitors toward specific objectives

🔹 Technical writing for user training

🔹 International presentations – in-person and via digital platforms

My education is in English literature, speech-language pathology, and writing fiction and non-fiction. I have further certification in social media and applying DISC profiles in business settings.

Beverly Foster Portrait

Ibelieve every voice deserves to be heard! I work with clients to create a winning message that gets them where they want to be.

Featured Presentation:
The ABCs of Business Communication

A lot has changed since your high-school English class! The rules and tools of communication have evolved. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow.

This course covers ways to harness the power of contemporary communications to grow your business. I am available to present updates on current language use for your team or organization. New platforms, new technology, and new language … so much to learn! If you want to connect better with your audience, we can help.

Think you are late to the party? Actually, it’s just beginning!

Audiences will explore:

  • How to adapt your message to fit different audiences
  • New rules you should know about
  • Old rules you can abandon, and why
  • Which social media platform fits you best
  • The whys and hows of upgrading up your message with images

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